WhatsApp Will Allow Messaging During Internet Outages

WhatsApp will allow messaging during internet outages. Telephonic or electronic message service When the internet is restricted or unavailable due to a shutdown, users can still access WhatsApp by connecting through a proxy server.

Meta’s tech behemoth expressed the hope that blackouts like those in Iran will “never occur” again.

They violated people’s rights and prevented them from “getting urgent treatment.”

WhatsApp Will Allow Messaging During Internet Outages

WhatsApp has asked its worldwide user base to act as proxies so that its users may “communicate freely,” and it has promised to provide instructions on how to do so.

Using a proxy “maintains the same high degree of confidentiality and safety that WhatsApp delivers,” the company stated.

End-to-end encryption will remain to safeguard your private conversations, so only you and the recipient can read your messages, not intermediaries like proxy servers, WhatsApp, or Meta.

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To quote the article: “It will enable people all over the world to remain online even if certain nefarious actors restrict their access to the internet.”

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