Pi CEO blogs on KYC in Artificial intelligence

To explain Pi Network:

Mobile users may mine pi Coins without consuming a battery since the Pi Network is a revolutionary cryptocurrency and developer platform. For millions of users, Pi’s community developers may create decentralized apps (dApps) thanks to the security provided by Pi’s blockchain and a mobile meritocracy system.

Pi Network’s founder discusses why human verification is more crucial than ever in the era of AI, all while introducing the network’s decentralized know-your-customer (KYC) solution.

Know Your Customer Procedures in the Era of AI

Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, cofounder and head of innovation at Pi Network, discussed how humans might prove their humanity in a world moving toward AI (AI).

The techie who has been using computers since he was a kid says virtual communities can’t thrive without human interaction. Algorithms driven by AI can increase engagement, but they have potential drawbacks. The widespread use of spam bots and phony accounts is one issue.

Pi CEO blogs on KYC in Artificial intelligence

Know Your Customer practices can help with this problem by establishing a person’s identification (KYC). In his essay, Nicolas described the Pi Network’s built-in KYC service in detail.

Pi Network’s in-house Know Your Customer solution uses machine technology and human validation to ensure reliable results. Images are processed, the text is extracted, bogus IDs are detected, and picture comparisons are made automatically by machines.

Human verification is handled by pre-approved persons, preventing the establishment of false accounts.

Pi KYC can claim a genuine validation workforce in over 200 nations, accounting for 92.6% of the world’s population.

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As a result, the massive community has been able to thrive thanks to this change that has eliminated spam accounts and phony Pioneers.

To sum up, Pi Network has rapidly implemented a distributed KYC solution to develop a legal AI-powered crypto community.

In addition to providing security, the solution is accessible anywhere in the world and offers accurate verification.

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