On March 10th, Microsoft Will No Longer Support AltspaceVR

On March 10, Microsoft will no longer support AltspaceVR. Following a previous declaration that the business would be firing 10,000 workers, it has made this new announcement.

Microsoft has scaled back its plans for the metaverse. The firm declared in a blog post discovered by VentureBeat (via The Verge) that it will discontinue operating AltspaceVR, a social virtual reality platform it had bought in 2017, on March 10, 2023.

Microsoft explained the move by saying they wanted to put more resources into developing its mixed reality platform Mesh, which they had initially been promised for their Teams product back in 2021.

“We look ahead to what is to come, particularly our introduction of Microsoft Mesh, a new system for communication and collaboration, beginning with empowering workplaces throughout the world,”

On March 10th, Microsoft Will No Longer Support AltspaceVR

Microsoft stated. “In the immediate future, we will be concentrating our virtual reality efforts on in-office experiences, gaining insight from and working in tandem with our early clients and partners, and providing a basis that supports security, trust, and compliance.

In the long run, we want to broaden our focus to include customers’ impressions. The closure follows Microsoft’s announcement that it will lay off 10,000 workers until the end of March.

Windows Central reports that as part of the company-wide restructuring, Microsoft plans to lay off the whole AltspaceVR team.

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The reports that the corporation has also laid off members of its HoloLens group. Former boss Alex Kipman departed Microsoft in June over sexual misconduct claims, and a year ago, the division’s purchase arrangement with the US army was put on hold.

It was also rumored in 2022 that Microsoft would not be releasing a new HoloLens.

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