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Macaulay Honors College Acceptance Rate 2022

Macaulay Honors College Acceptance Rate 2022

Macaulay Honors College Acceptance Rate 2022. Applying for Macaulay Honors College demands all eligible applicants to do what is expected of them. Here are some facts you will need when applying for Macaulay Honors College. As you read this post, you will discover what the Macaulay Honors University Admission Level 2022 would be.

Macaulay Honors College Acceptance Rate 2022

About Macaulay Honors College

William E. Macaulay Honors College, sometimes known as Macaulay Honors College or Macaulay, is a highly selective honors college for students in New York City’s City University of New York (CUNY) system.

All of the college’s undergraduates get full-tuition scholarships (or a substantial partial scholarship to out-of-state students). There were 6,272 applications for the class of 2020, with 537 students enrolled. For the class of 2020, the average high school GPA and SAT were 94.1 percent and 1414, respectively.

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Since 2016, the college has continuously gotten the highest ranking for a public university honors college. More than 250 significant honors have been bestowed upon Macaulay students, including 37 Fulbright Fellowships, 5 Truman Scholarships, and 28 National Science Foundation fellowships.

Macaulay Honors College Acceptance Rate 2022

Admission to Macaulay Honors College is more stringent, with a 5% admission rate. It provides students with the opportunity to get a high-quality education while receiving specialized care and attention from professors.

However, to the reputation of Macaulay and the limited amount of seats available, it has a record-low acceptance rate of 5%. All aspiring students must understand the admission rate when applying to Macaulay Honors College.

This will assist you in determining how likely the University Admission will be.

Macaulay Honors College Admission Requirement

While enrolling at Macaulay Honors College, it is critical that you understand what is expected of you.

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Here are some details that will be useful:

The following documents are considered by the Macaulay Honors College admissions committee:

  • High school transcript
  • Regents Examination scores
  • SAT, ACT, and achievement test scores
  • Advanced Placement courses
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Evidence of talents and interests
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Personal essay

In addition, personal interviews are essential.

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