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Co-Creation Hub Incubation Entrepreneurship Program

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Co-Creation Hub Incubation Entrepreneurship Program

Co-Creation Hub Incubation Entrepreneurship Program. Applications for the Founder Hub Incubation Entrepreneurial Career 2022 are now being accepted; candidates must verify that they meet the qualifying criteria to avoid rejection.

About Co-Creation Hub Incubation Entrepreneurship Program

CcHUB’s Incubation program takes a hands-on approach to assist early-stage entrepreneurs in executing a workable business model and fast learning what it takes to create a sustainable company. Our objective is to help the entrepreneur(s) incorrectly structure their firm, ensure steady development, and obtain capital to make a lasting worldwide organization.

Instead of 18+ months, the new incubation program will operate for a fixed period of 12 months. A new program plan has been developed to be more purposeful about the help we provide to businesses, focusing on allowing entrepreneurs to acquire greater momentum and get investment after they have completed their incubation period.

Eligibility Requirements


Our entrepreneurs will have direct access to prospective follow-on finance of up to $250,000 from the CcHUB Growth Capital fund, in addition to the $25,000 investment they will receive throughout the program.

Growth and Distribution

We’ll focus on growth and distribution since we know how difficult it can be for companies to reach out to their consumers fast and efficiently. This will include one-on-one meetings with sales, marketing, and distribution specialists, as well as marketing possibilities through collaborations with media platforms, businesses, and celebrities.

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Entrepreneurs will receive hands-on assistance with company planning, financial management, digital security, and recruiting from the many practices of CcHUB. A newly formed product development unit will also be available to assist the technical leads/teams of the various startups.


CcHub has created a global network of corporate partners over the years. Startups approved into the program will have access to this network of partners, which will provide them with a variety of incentives, including a $15,000 credit from Amazon Web Services.

Workspace for up to 6 team members, conference rooms, and high-speed internet are also included in the package.

Application Deadline:

March 16th yearly

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