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Best Top 7 Cheapest Medical Schools For Your Budget

Best Top 7 Cheapest Medical Schools For Your Budget

Best Top 7 Cheapest Medical Schools For Your Budget.  The 7 Most Affordable Medical Schools for International Students – Get excellent and affordable medical world experience at some of the world’s cheapest medical schools.

Are you a medical student looking for a low-cost institution to attend? Don’t worry. We’ve got everything covered to help you along the way.

The selection of a university is one of the essential decisions in a student’s life. Choosing the incorrect institution, especially a foreign university, may have a long-term impact on your career, which is why every student should carefully analyze their alternatives or school of choice before committing to any. This page is meant to assist medical students who are looking for excellent and affordable options overseas.


Each school on the list blends quality with a budget, taking into account the country’s cost of living. We’ll go through the top-ranking nations for each degree in medicine listed below.

After reading this essay, you will have answers to all of your Google searches, such as:

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Cheapest Medical Universities For International Students.

1.  Bangladesh Medical College.

The first medical institution in Bangladesh, based in Dhaka, provides a five-year MBBS degree program. Tuition is around $3000 each year.

This university made our list due to the inexpensive cost of living in Bangladesh and the high level of education provided. Other expenses include:

  • A Dhaka flat that costs $152 per month.
  • Lesser dwellings that cost $90 per month.
  • Transportation that costs approximately $12 per month.
  • Meals that cost less than $50 per month.

2.  Akaki Tsereteli State University.

This Georgian school has produced over 170,000 scientists, physicians, legislators, and other professionals. The World Health Organization ranks it as Georgia’s second-best medical university and one of its best (WHO).

The first year’s tuition is 4500 EUR, while future years’ tuition is 3500 EUR. Students are expected to budget $300-$500 per month for housing. The average monthly bill for foreign students is $50.

3.  University of Debrecen, Hungary

The university was formally founded on October 23, 1918, with four faculties: arts, science, religion, and medicine.

In 1951, the faculty of medicine was established as an autonomous university medical school under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health. The medical school now contains 22 fundamental science departments and 25 clinical departments. Because the institution also serves as the local hospital for Debrecen, students may receive comprehensive clinical training here.

4.  Saint Thereza Medical University Armenia

It is a private medical university in Armenia fully accredited and recognized by the Armenian Ministry of Education and Science.

This co-educational higher education school provides courses and programs that lead to recognized higher education degrees in various subjects, including medicine and surgery.

Tuition fees vary from bachelor’s degree 4 years AMD 200.000 (Management), bachelor’s degree to 5 years AMD 300.000 (Stomatology), midwifery 3 years AMD 125.000, nursing 3 years AMD 125.000.

5.  Universities In Italy

According to Fairfax, the two cheaper institutions for overseas students are Italy. There are two high schools in Pisa: Normale Superiore di Pisa and Scuola Superiore Sant’ Anna. These universities have no tuition for both EU and non-EU students.

Best Top 7 Cheapest Medical Schools For Your Budget_Universities In Italy_kongashare.com_u

All students are quite competitive, but free colleges are not the only ones that are inexpensive to foreign students. Other additional colleges in Italy provide low-cost tuition to all students.

In Italy, the average tuition rate for public institutions ranges between 850 and 1000 EUR per year. The European Union pays less than other countries.

6.  German Universities

Many universities in Germany, like those in Italy, are free. Paid public schools are incredibly inexpensive, except for a couple that charge overseas students some additional fees.

Germany is a prominent foreign student location. Not only is the tuition rate lower than in other European nations, but the education level is excellent, and there are several funding options available to all students. Staying on campus will cost between 150 and 240 EUR a month, and rooms in the student housing are tough to come by.

You anticipate spending between 600 and 1000 EUR each month. Not bad for such low-cost universities with high standards.

7.  Timisoara Medical University Romania

This is Romania’s premier medical university, with English and other languages courses. It is well-known for its excellent medical education and research; it offers tuition at all Roman institutions ranging from 2000 to 5000 EUR per year.

Rent, food, and transportation charges have resulted in a total cost of $760 per month for living expenses.


We make no assumptions that this will be the ideal resource for you as a potential med student. We have done an excellent job researching the possibilities accessible to you and have created a list of recommendations.

We will begin by offering information on at least 10 of the most outstanding medical colleges for students on a tight budget.

These will be the world’s continents. These colleges may not be well-known, but they will provide an excellent education.

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